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Welcome to Moonstar Charms - handmade jewelry with real gemstones, precious metals and good intentions.

We avoid man-made stones and plated metals, so everything is as pure as we can get it.

Always wear with conscious intentions for the highest good of all and the highest good will come to you!

We love custom orders! If you're looking for something for you, for a loved one, for your wedding party, etc, please contact us. We ship anywhere in the world.


Special Announcements

carnelian gemstone bangle braceletThere are a few different reasons I think carnelian is a great stone to feature this autumn. The color makes it an obvious fit ranging in warm hues of rich, vibrant orange. In addition to the colors, I'm drawn to carnelian's energy this time of year.

October is one of those special months with more than one birthstone. The two birthstones featured this month are tourmaline and opal, and both have LOTS of variety by way of color and energy.

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