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Welcome to Moonstar Charms - handmade jewelry with real gemstones, precious metals and good intentions.

We avoid man-made stones and plated metals, so everything is as pure as we can get it.

Always wear with conscious intentions for the highest good of all and the highest good will come to you!

We love custom orders! If you're looking for something for you, for a loved one, for your wedding party, etc, please contact us. We ship anywhere in the world.


Special Announcements

Diamond: King of Gems
April’s birthstone brings us one of the most revered gemstones on the planet, representing some of the strongest spiritual and emotional states we experience.

For many of us, New Year is the quintessential date for change. Depending on what part of your life you'd like to transform, change can bring a whole slew of emotions from hardly-contained excitement to deep-rooted fear. Luckily, there are many stones that can help us with different sorts of transitions.

All gemstones are healing, but they each have a unique method of approach. I thought these last few days about typical agendas at the start of a New Year and here are a handful of stones I thought would be helpful. 

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