Aside from being beautiful adornments, gemstones have been revered for centuries for carrying very special healing qualities with them. Moonstar Charms are always designed not just to make a pretty piece of jewelry, but to bring out the best qualities in you, the wearer. No matter what you’re experiencing in life, everything you need is already within and just needs a little extra attention to bring it to the surface. Gemstones can help with that.

Because our jewelry is made with healing properties in mind, we always shop for stones that are as un-altered by man as possible. We stay away from stones that have been irradiated or dyed an unnatural color and never use fake, glass or plastic "stones". It's all the real deal.

If you would like a custom piece of jewelry made just for you with stones that would best benefit you or a particular situation, contact me!

In regards to "gemstone healing", please understand I'm not a doctor and don’t claim that wearing a piece of jewelry will cure you of any ailment, nor should it be a replacement for therapy, medication, medical treatment, etc.

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about the properties of each stone.

Abalone – Peace, calming, comforting, cleansing. Cleanses energy of wearer and of other stones. Does not absorb energy.

Powerful healing, pain management. Transforms negative energy to positive. Intellect, cleansing, purifying.

High-energy.  Stimulates throat chakra. Communication, inspiration, intuition, human fellowship

Good luck, good fortune, affluence, abundance, creativity and success.

A soothing stone of creativity and communication. Opal helps one be their best self.

Peaceful warrior stone. Grounding, courage, creativity, success, moves one forward in all endeavors.

Success and good fortune, business and finance, mental and emotional clarity, protection, November birthstone.

Love, joy, passion, protection. Stimulates intelligence, inspires integrity, opens intuition, May birthstone

Love, joy, passion, success, strength, protection, safe travel, inspires trust and balance, January birthstone.

Inner strength, self-confidence, rids one of guilt and unworthiness. Strengthens intuition, psychic work.

The Five Virtues: benevolence, integrity, wisdom, courage, justice. Luck in money and success. Balance, maturity.

Illuminates magic in the every-day world. Imagination, communication, meditation, life transformation.

Soothing, calming, nurturing, feminine, inner goddess, go with the flow, sea travel protection, June birthstone.

Warm, friendly, inner goddess, strength, energy, determination, protection, grounding, courage.

Peace, faith, purity, calming and soothing, June birthstone.

Renewal, spiritual awakening, intuition, inner healing, Divine connection. Embrace inner divinity and perfection.

Powerful grounding, focus, mental clarity. Good for tackling big mental projects.

Self-preservation, protection, courage, grounding, passion, increased energy, balance, justice. Very dynamic.

Combines passion and creativity. Enhances psychic ability, self-awareness, highest-self. Love and balance.

Unity, joy, loyalty, mental clarity, communication. September birthstone.

Surfaces truth in a gentle and peaceful manner. Transformation, protection, peace.

Rare, powerful, magical, spiritual. Psychic awareness, manifesting, visualizing, protection. December birthstone.

Good luck, positive outcomes, success. Promotes grounding, balance, self-confidence, peace of mind

Master healing stone. Detox, sobriety, spirituality, intuition, meditation, February birthstone

Soothing, uplifting, joyful, communication, meditation, intuition, protection in travel, March birthstone.

Grounding, protection, alignment, balance, self-confidence. Repels negativity

AKA hawk’s eye. Clairvoyance, intuition, protection, courage.

Extremely calming. Dissipates negativity. Stimulates harmony and gentle communication.

Cleansing, focus, clarity, meditation, healing, detoxing body and spirit, enhances and retains energy.

Self-reflection, understanding of the esoteric. Helps facilitate personal growth, progress and change.

Heart chakra. Helps plant life growth and healing. High energy and frequency, success and abundance.

Communication, self-expression, balance, mental and emotional peace.

Positive outcome. Peace, tranquility, mental focus, grounding, protection

Strong intuition stone. Meditation, healing, detox, protection, lucid dreaming and dream recall.

Nature’s healing. Connects one to nature and surrounding beauty. Abundance, good fortune.

Meditation – improves circular breathing/chi/life force. Reminds one of their personal highest calling.

The Vacation Stone. Fun, relaxation, protection during travel, August birthstone.

Light, joy, open heartedness. Realize higher realms of love and connection to all that is.

Joy, love, peace, spirituality, guards and protects the psyche and heart.

Grace, femininity, self-confidence, self-worth, unconditional love, calm, balance, emotional healing.

Passion, warmth, energy, love, joy, prosperity, success. Fiery. Can be over-passionate for some. July birthstone.

Raises kundalini energies, connects one to the divine. Meditation, peace of mind, healing.

Stimulates the mind and communication skills. Meditation, intuition.

Intuition, focus, grounding, transformation, protection, courage, success.

Protection. Master healing stone. Communication, meditation, mental balance. December birthstone.

Enjoyable high-frequency energy. Creativity, communication, meditation, healing.

Connect and communicate with the angelic realm. Peace, grace, balance, comfort, healing.

Patience, acceptance, meditation, effective communication. Helps one stay centered & calm.

Healing for mind and body. Aids in releasing all that which no longer serves. Soothing.

Energy amplifier. Cleanses and aligns all chakras. Mental awarness, connection, understanding.

Gentle, soothing, incredibly friendly, brings love and joy, balance, self-expression. Great stone for artists.

“King of Gems,” powerfully strong and energetic. Peace and purity. Grows stronger with wearer over time.

Connects one to the divine. Meditation, healing, detoxing for mind and spirit. Inner peace.

Powerful grounding and protection. Aids in focus and courage. Banishes fear.

Shaman stone, spiritual growth, opens third eye chakra, psychic awareness, meditation, healing, highest self.

Powerful intuition stone. Soothing, grounding. Fuses with the holder’s energy over time. Do not cleanse.

Balance, emotional stability, aura cleansing. Rids unproductive habits of the heart. Heals exposure to radiation.

Peaceful, nurturing. Faith, purity, integrity. Tunes one in to life’s changing tides.

Grounding, joy, good fortune, peace, stabilizes emotion, blocks negativity, inspires personal transformation.

Focus, tranquility, good fortune. Connects one with nature. Emotional healing.

Meditation, divination, astral travel. Protection, self-preservation. Helps move through realms of consciousness.

Grounding, determination, physical healing, good fortune, success. Strengthens basic human survival instincts.

For all matters of the heart. Peace, balance, forgiveness, love of one’s self and of others, trust, joy, soothing.

Powerful energy amplifier. Clairvoyance, insight, meditation, healing.

“Smoky topaz”. Calming, purifying, cleansing, healing, detox, peace, meditation, grounding, protection.

Beauty, insight, renewal, rejuvenation, grounding, protection. Use to solve and/or release a challenging situation.

Self-discovery. Illuminates solutions, aids in resolutions. Powerful protection stone.