Aside from being beautiful adornments, gemstones have been revered for centuries for carrying very special healing qualities with them. Moonstar Charms are always designed not just to make a pretty piece of jewelry, but to bring out the best qualities in you, the wearer. Maybe you could use a little more confidence in a new endeavor. Or, perhaps you are under a lot of stress and would like to calm things down a bit. Or, maybe you just want to bring out your inner, joyful self. No matter what you need assistance with, everything you need is already within and just needs a little extra attention to bring it to the surface. Gemstones can help with that.

Because our jewelry is made with healing properties in mind, we always shop for stones that are as un-altered by man as possible. We stay away from stones that have been irradiated or dyed an unnatural color and never use fake, glass or plastic "stones". It's all the real deal.

For sources of information, I refer, several books and my own meditation for sources of gemstone information even though the sources do not always say the same thing. When in doubt, hold your piece, close your eyes and trust your instinct. If you're looking for something in particular, please feel free to contact me. I'm happy to help you find just the right piece.

In regards to "gemstone healing", please understand, I'm not a doctor and don’t claim that wearing a piece of jewelry will cure you of any ailment, nor should it be a replacement for therapy, medication, medical treatment, etc.

Click on the photos, and hover over the images for more information about the properties of each stone.