Moonstar Charms jewelry is always made with the best of everything including the materials needed to construct a piece. The stringing wire, clasps, ear wires, etc, are either hand-made or shopped for carefully to ensure quality. That said, our jewelry is made to be as hardy as possible but handmade jewelry is delicate by nature and requires special handling.

To clean dirt/tarnish off your piece I recommend cleaning cloths. You can buy these at most craft stores or jewelry supply stores for a few dollars and they last a long time. Be cautious with liquid jewelry cleansers; some gemstones (like malachite and pearls) are very porous and therefore cannot be cleaned with chemicals. Read labels carefully.

   - Always remove jewelry when sleeping
   - Avoid prolonged exposure to water and heat
   - Handle with care

Gemstone Energy Cleaning & Recharging

Most gems, crystals and metals store energy gathered from us and our environment over time. However, it is believed that certain stones do not require cleansing. For example, some believe that abalone shell is not absorbent of energy. Some also believe that Kyanite grows stronger and more in tune with you as you wear/use it and therefore should not be cleaned of energy. There are a lot of different theories out there. Research your stones to make the most of your piece and to take the best care of it.

A bowl of tumbled clear quartz and/or selenite is a nice way to cleanse the energy of most pieces. Place your gemstone on the quartz/selenite overnight on a regular basis. You can also use Sage.

Recharge the natural energy of your piece in moonlight – the fuller the better. Some stones charge well in sunlight such as Sunstone and Garnet. However, some stones will crack and/or fade in the sun such as Amber or Celestite. Some stones also like to charge by using the energy of other stones. For example, Hematite can charge Copper. Again, I highly recommend that you do a little research and go with what feels best for you.